Welcome to Fjaerland


Beautiful Fjaerland, where fjord meet with the green delta from the glacier, and white and blue glacierarms are running down the stiff mountain side. Some tourists have named it the most beautiful glacier village in the world and we couldn´t agree more. This small village with 270 habitants can offer you a Booktown with 10 secondhand bookshops, Hotel Mundal from 1891, Fjaerland Fjordstue Hotel with kayakrental, Norwegian Glacier Museum, Flatbrehytta Mountaincabin next to the glacier, Bøyabreen glacier, camping facilities, several hikingtrails and various dining offers. Welcome to Fjaerland!



Bøyabreen Glacier.


Fjaerland is the district surrounding Fjaerlandsfjord, a branch of Sognefjord. Fjærland has 300 inhabitants, and is part of Sogndal municipality. The centre in Fjærland is Mundal, about 3 km from the main road, down the fjord. Most people in Fjaerland are engaged in farming and tourism.

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Locals in front of Bøyabreen Glacier.

Things to do

Fjaerland is the perfect destination for hiking, glacier walks and fjord activities in the summer. Fishing in the fjord or the river in spectacular surroundings, is second to none. In the winter, backcountry skiing to majestic peaks gives you unforgettable fjord views and wild powder snow.

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