The Booktown and The Touristinformation is now open for the season

May 1 The Norwegian Booktown and the Tourist Office opened for the season. The openinghours are 10 am to 4 pm. From May 27 it is open until 6 pm in the evening. In the period Jun 1 - Aug 31 the office opens at 9.30 am as the passengerboat arrives in Mundal. Only on May 17 - The National Day of Norway - The Booktown and The Tourist Office are closed. It is possible to see the parade as it passes through the Booktown around  noon. 

The Norwegian Glacier museum is open

The winter is over and spring is upon us. If you need something to do in Fjærland in spring time, the Glacier Museum is open every day from April 1st to October 31th. They have a panoramic movie about Jostedalsbreen Glacier, interesting exhibitions about glaciers and climate, and an outdoors educational playground. Something for the whole family and the museum is translated into 13 languages. They also have a souvenir shop and a little café with delicious waffles!

Check out their homepage for more information!

Welcome to Fjærland!

Plan for summer

Fjaerland has a lot to offer during summer season. Plan for it now!

Fjaerland guiding offers tailormade hiking adventures from fjord to glacier at different levels. Check the guiding section to see what's on offer.

Also, see all the things you can do in Fjærland, here

See you this summer? :)


New Fjaerland website

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Beautiful Fjaerland - the Glacier village under Jostedalsbreen by Sognefjorden in Norway (Shutterstock)