The Mundal Valley HIKE

Price 250,- NOK 

(minimum 4 people or minimum price 1000,-

The Mundal Valley Hike is a gentle and peaceful valley walk. Here you go past green fields farmed for generations all the way back to the Viking Age, before you end up at a seater in the head of the valley. The hike starts in Mundal , the centre of Fjaerland, by the Tourist Office. We walk slowly up valley in gentle terrain. Around us the staggering peaks, enclosing Mundal Valley, are rising towards the sky like giant trolls. The hike goes mostly on the farmers gravel road, but the last bit is on a good but narrow track, leading us to the old saeter with a meadow used seasonally for grazing milking cows and sheep. Here we have lunch before we return the same way back.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Distance: 10 km

Ascension: 350 m

Season: May-October

Difficulty level: Easy to medium to hard. Easy for people who are used to hiking in mountain terrain. Medium for people who are not used to hiking in mountain terrain.

1-Vandring H Neg_GRONN_10M_20130421.jpg
1-Vandring H Neg_BLAA_10M_20130421.jpg

Equipment: Trekking shoes, clothes for being outside, food, snack, drinking water, sun screen.

Important: You should have insurance that covers hiking in the mountain.

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