See the glaciers

Bøyabreen Glacier (Gaute D. Bøyum)


Jostedalsbreen Glacier is the largest glacier on the European continent and has several outlet glaciers flowing in many directions. In Fjaerland, you can get very close to two of these outlet glaciers - Bøyabreen and Supphellebreen.


Glacier walks

Blue ice (Pål G. Kielland)


Glacier walks with experienced guides are arranged  on several outlet glaciers from Jostedalsbreen, from May to October. In Fjaerland you can walk to Supphellebreen, 1000 metres above sea level. This is a demanding hike for 2-4 hours, before you can enter the glacier. Here, you will experience a beautiful view towards Fjaerland and the Fjaerlandsfjord. Fjaerland Guiding offer glacier walks on request. Easier glacier walks you can find, for instance, on Haugabreen (in Jølster) or Nigardsbreen (in Jostedalen). 


Hiking (Pål G. Kielland)


Hiking the mountains in Fjaerland offers a vast range of opportunities. Local guides from Fjaerland Guiding can provide the extra ingredient you crave for having a really special experience. Fjaerland is one of the few places on Earth where you can see glacier, fjord and mountains at the same time.


Kayak (Gaute D. Bøyum)


Kayaking the calm fjord in Fjærland is a must-do-activity in the summer! Fjærland Fjordstove Hotel offers kayaking and a range of different boating activities. Like row boat hiring, personal fishing trip, guided boat tour of the isolated and historic farming villages along the fjord. Sogndal Lodge can provide high-class guides for a safe fjord experience.


Snow chasing (Pål G. Kielland)

The winter is full of joy within the white element. Here you can go cross-country, backcountry (off piste) or having a good time in the slopes of the local ski resorts. In and around Fjaerland, we have difficulty levels suited for everyone.


The Norwegian Glacier museum

The Glacier Museum (Gaute D. Bøyum)



The Norwegian Glacier Museum & Ulltveit-Moe Climate Centre is an interactive museum for the whole family, who gives you knowledge about glaciers and climate in new and innovative ways. Panoramic movie, climate exhibition, outdoors playground for kids, café, free parking, Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre.


Books and fjord (Norwegian Book Town)



In Mundal you find The Norwegian Book Town with several picturesque second-hand book shops. The Book Town opened in 1996, being the eighth booktown in the world and the first in Scandinavia.



Biking in Mundal (Norwegian Book Town)


There are good possibilities for biking in Fjaerland. It's good for you and it's good for the environment. Bikes for rent at the Tourist Office and Bøyum Camping.


River fishing

River fishing under the glacier.

River fishing in Fjaerland happens between July 1 and August 31. Buy fishing card at Bøyum Camping.




Flatbrehytta (Gaute D. Bøyum)

Flatbrehytta Mountain Cabin is situated 1000 metres above the fjord and next to the mighty Flatbreen Glacier. The fjord view on one side and the glacier on the other is truly amazing!  The hike to the cabin is spectacular, but partly steep and strenous. We recommend all hikers to consider their fitness or hire a guide.

Duration: 2-4 hours going up and 2-3 hours going down (total 4-7 hours).

the glacier bus

See the glaciers (Pål G. Kielland)

The glacier bus goes to two times every day. The bus corresponds with the boat coming from Balestrand. The first tour goes to both glaciers, the Supphellebreen and the Bøyabreen. The second tour goes to the Boyabreen. The bus stops at the Norwegian Glacier Museum and it is possible to visit the muesum. In the peak season there is a guide on the bus. The bus operates in June, July, August and September (September 15th).

Fjord and Glacier Cruise

The passenger cruise arrives (Finn Loftesnes)

The fjord and glacier cruise takes you to Fjaerland in the summer. The passenger boat sails between Balestrand and Fjærland in June, July, August and September (September 15th). Hit the button below for time tables.


Bøyaøyri Nature Reserve

Aerial overview of the estuary (Norsk Bremuseum)



The Bøyaøyri estuary at the head of the fjord is a protected nature reserve, due to its part in bird migration during the spring and autumn. 100 species have been observed and approximately 50 of them nest in the area.


Fjord magic in Balestrand (Balestrand Fjord Angling)

Fjord magic in Balestrand (Balestrand Fjord Angling)

At the mouth of the Fjaerland fjord you enter the village of Balestrand, where captain Tor resides. Here, he’ll take you for fjord adventures like angling, fjordsafari, biking or snow shoe hiking.